Sun Group U.S.A. Harmony City Inc., referred to as “SunGroup USA”, founded in 2011. SunGroup is an excellent lobbying team and a comprehensive company registered in California, USA. It has professional qualifications in the fields of construction, high-tech research and development and various import and export businesses. The director of Sun Group's a Chinese female, Ms. Helen. It is a local enterprise established by Chinese-Americans and protected by federal, local and legal laws.


Purpose: By leveraging cutting-edge technology in its field, it is committed to strategic deployment and development of new partners in order to integrate the Group into today's strongly promoted green economy. Sun Group continues to grow with a pragmatic approach, providing safe, sustainable and stable technology solutions for the booming energy market.

Helen & Fred are "The first advocates & integrators of U.S.-China High-Speed Rail”...

SunGroup USA is an excellent lobbying team and a professional corporation registered in San Francisco, CA. It focuses on from the California High Speed Rail project (zero emission) to emerging solar technologies and business strategies...
We have a team of representatives from all over the world who serve the public with humble attitudes and noble sentiments...
We have financial support from federal and other financial institutions... >>
SunGroup USA involvement $340 billion and up rolling stock bid revenue already won a total $5. 6 billion more... >>
The goal of this strategy plan is to maximize the chance of success for SunGroup USA in the event of ultimately winning the bid to be the lead developer of California’s HSR Project ... >>